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Roofing - Maintenance, Repairs, and Installs

  • Free Roof Inspection & Estimates
  • Roof Roof Repairs
  • Roof Roof Replacements
  • Roofing insurance Claims Specialists


  • Free Window Analysis
  • Free Window Estimates
  • Window Pane, Seals, Frame Repairs
  • Window Replacements & Installs

Siding - Repairs & Replacements

  • Free Siding Estimates
  • Siding Repairs & Replacements: Soffit & Facia Boards
  • Siding Replacements & Installs: Vinyl & Hardi

Gutters - Installs & Maintenance

  • Free Gutter Estimates
  • Gutter Installations: 6″ & 7″ sizes and colors
  • Low Maintenance Gutter Systems
  • Add-on with other projects!

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We Are An Atlanta-based Full Service Exterior Solutions Team

Reliable Exterior Solutions provides full service Exterior Solutions to Homeowners and Property Managers or Business Owners. We offer outdoor building and structural repairs, installs, and replacements to protect the exterior surfaces. Our solutions solve common problems like roof leaks, holes in siding, falling gutters, and drafty windows. Some of our solutions are maintenance related and some are based on weather and storm damage – both are to protect the structural integrity of your home or building.

Our Replacement Process

During the roofing and exterior replacement process, landscaping is protected with tarps, we remove old shingles and materials – roofing to decking. Before installing the underlayment, we inspect the roof decking and building structures for rotten wood and replace as needed. If you have a chimney, we re-flash to ensure that there’s no leaks on the next rainstorm.

One of the most important components of the roof system is proper ventilation which we adjust and modify to properly ventilate attic space.

We are also conscious to bring roof up to code by installing code enforced components like drip edge and valley flashing. We are also mindful in installing six nails per shingle to ensure wind guarantee up to 135mph winds and use synthetic underlayment for proper roof installation.

Inspections & Estimates

Inspections are completed upon arrival. The purpose of an inspection is to identify problems and concerns to determine the best solution for your exterior needs.

Based on the results of inspection, our team provides a free, no obligation estimate. The two categories of estimates are roof repair and roof replacement.

Roofing Insurance Claims

We work closely with your insurance to get your roof replaced and brought up to current codes.

We can also replace your roof when insurance doesn’t approve it – ask us about financial options and payment plans. You need a roof over your head and we’ll let you know the options to make it happen!

Successful Solution Stories

“Helping a large Community with Claims Process”    

Roswell resident customer referral called to assist with their preciously denied insurance claim for their roof. Our team provided a free roof inspections with storm damage roof report and reviewed with the customer. We scheduled a second roof inspection with his insurance adjuster. Following this inspection, we successfully got both roof and gutters approved by insurance. Then, we installed his roof and gutters in record time. In process, we repaired a lot of bad wood at minimum cost to the customer. His experience was so great that he referred me to his neighbors. Our team had the privilege to assist twelve other homes in the same neighborhood community with storm damaged roofs and gutters.

“Perseverance means Progress”

Johns Creek resident was denied by insurance but had multiple leaks in their home causing interior damage. Our team met with insurance adjusters multiple times to evaluate the storm damage. Unfortunately, customer’s insurance continued to deny the roof replacement. Rather than getting caught up in litigations, we developed a plan to replace her roof and repair damages caused by roof leaks at an affordable cost to our customer.

 “Repeat Customer”

Repeat customer in Roswell was in the process of buying a new home. The home inspector identified several problems with the roof. Upon our team’s inspection, we discovered storm damage to the roof and walked the buyer and seller through the claims process. We faught hard and got the roof approved and replaced before due diligence was up, so that the home could sell on time for closing date.






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